Xbox LIVE アーケード用ソフト『DEATH BY CUBE』の最新情報をお届けするブログです。

Hi, everyone! Yours Truly from the "DEATH BY CUBE" team.

今回は「DEATH BY CUBE」初心者が最初に困ってしまう、レベル01-3をクリアする方法を映像でお見せします。
Today, we are going to show you how to complete the level 01-3 where most beginners struggle at.

Once you see this footage, you should probably be able to complete the level very easily.

Although there is a monochromatic portion of the footage, please ignore it as this is nothing to do with the strategy.

« 今ならお安いです!動画で操作説明とかしてみます。
Here is the introduction movie! »